Hello world! Writing is a healing!

This is my first ever blog site and first post here. Writing is some kind of healing. When you write out your thoughts and feelings you may bring out something from your subconscious that has been there for ages and was waiting to get free. This is an opportunity even to free pain, limits and illness in your body. This is why I started to write a blog to heal myself first. All these teachings in my present and future blogs have written to teach myself and remember what I should pay more attention. This is my notebook, my diary some way. I wish to share it with you The World!

I write it with hope that there are ears that hear and eyes that see and hearts that feel what is written behind my words. Before every writing I open my heart and I spread myself and you with Light and Love Energy. I imagine myself surrounded with Light and I imagine everyone who stops on my blog and reads it is also surrounded with beautiful high vibrational Light energy.

If my blog sounds in your heart and/or may help you some way please feel free to show it via comment. Please be kind what you say out. I believe that our thoughts and worlds create our reality. I try to write with open heart and please do the same in your comments. If you feel not able to open your hear and comment respectfully, please feel free to leave your comments for you or even better through these into bin. Negativity helps no one, not on my blog site.

Thank you for being a part of my spiritual journey. That has been full of ups and downs, but very interesting if I look back. I am climbing on mountain and I am almost on the top, but it seems the last path is the most difficult and painful to pass. I still keep going and hope to reach on the top of mountain. When I look down from the level I am on this mountain and I see others climbing there I reach my hand for those and I am happy to help with my skills, experience, knowledge and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that I came to learn during this life time.

Mirrors on the River Avon.

Life is like a mirror like on the picture above. Our life mirrors our thoughts and feelings even if we try to hide them or don’t notice or pay enough attention what is going on in thyself.

I feel grateful for everything and everyone in my present life and I feel grateful to you for reading my blog!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here I am to start to share my journey with you The World! Let´s go and see where it takes finally! With Light and Love!

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